Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hawaiian quilt

This is a modified Trip Around the World Quilt. I did a story about them, on my blog, in 2009, here.
I'm making a very generous sized twin. It can also be used on a double bed. 72 x 100 inches. Becky has quite a collection of Hawaiian fabrics that she has gathered over the years so did not have to purchase any for this quilt. In fact I had so many strips already cut, knowing that there were still 3 quilts to be made, I only needed to cut 6 more strips.
This quilt is a 1 patch. All squares. I need 450 squares (4.5 x 4.5) or 54 strips of 4.5" wide fabric (width of the fabric.)
If your use 2 strips of each fabric you will need
  • 1/4 yard of  27 different fabrics. For a total of 6.75 yards.Half cool colors; half warm colors.
  • backing;  6 yards
  • binding; 3/4 yard-exactly- so get a bit extra (for a 1/2" double binding)
 We organized this quilt into alternating squares of cool and warm colors. In the past I have done many combinations.
  •  all green alternating light and dark greens (not Hawaiian). Story here.
  •  red, white, and blue one was alternating 1 blue fabric with different red and white fabrics. (To do that you will need; 3.5 yards of the blue and 13 1/4 yard pieces of the red and white fabrics.) Story here and here.
  • blue Hawaiian alternating with anything that wasn't blue- a wedding quilt; story here.and pictured above.
To find this many Hawaiian fabric we went on line and purchased from Hawaiian Fabric.

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