Thursday, August 12, 2010

notebook cover for sketchbook

Soon after I started long-arming I started carrying a small sketch book with me. I have drawn a calendar for the month on some pages, menus on another but mostly it's to record quilting ideas; I'm not above drawing the design I see on Shelly's dress sitting in front of me at church, or practicing a design I'm sewing at home while waiting at the Dr.'s office.
But the book is boring and black so I jazzed it up yesterday. (I'm almost out of thread for the quilt I'm quilting so I could totally justify doing something else while I wait for my thread order to come in!)
Here is the 'Triangle Queen's' pieced cover;
On one side I used the smaller triangles. Even added the elastic that the original had to keep it closed.
The other side uses the larger triangles (all left-overs from Triangle Madness-the quilt that is not getting quilted while I make this.) Notice the pen holder. I had planned on quilting it but it ended up too tight and quilting would shrink it and then it wouldn't fit.
To cut down on bulk I did not hem the inside pocket.
A friend asked me to cut off her stained black pants and make them into knee length shorts for her. The black is the bottom part of her pants; they had some lycra in them which I think helps the pocket fit well.

I'm counting this as One Project A Month finish...pretty lame but I did start those triangles in January; and some of the triangle fabric I've had for 10 years.

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