Thursday, November 29, 2007

hawaiian quilt

I know this is not a great picture. This is a wedding quilt made for a friends nephew. The nephew is half Hawaiian, so this is his 'Hawaiian' quilt. a bit easier than the traditional. This is on a twin bed, but it is a BIG quilt. I've also made my friend's son a twin size for his graduation from high school. Now I am working on one for her daughter's graduation from high school. I'm destined to make more of these. My friend, Becky has 6 kids and I don't know how many nieces and nephews. We trade. She fixes my hair; perms, cuts, dyes and cleans some for my sewing. I use the 'Cut No Squares' method and it really goes pretty fast. This one is going fast since we had strips cut from the last 2. We have strips cut for the next one too. Notice that this is a blue quilt. You didn't notice that? (Every other square is blue.) The current one is a 'cool' quilt, every other square is blue or green, but the alternate is 'warm,' pink, yellow, or red.
I used the same method I used in making Liz's green quilt that I blogged about here. Okay, you twisted my arm, I'm including another picture of it.


Angela said...

What is this method of which you speak?

Laurie said...

well, in a nutshell;
cut strips of fabric
sew strips side by side
sew sets of strips into a tube (kind of like a bottomless pillowcase)
cut into strips (the same size as the first strips were cut you have a very short 'tube' of squares )
*pick one seam apart
lay it flat
pick seam apart in another tube between different squares
lay it next to tthe previous one
repeat from *