Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fish pillow OPAM

While the Jeffrey and Dad watched a movie I put the binding on Jeffrey's pillow; my OPAM for June. Years ago when Jeffrey was about 7 I helped him make this fish scene. Then it sat in my pile of unfinished ...stuff for years, he will soon be 16.Here it is finished. The following pictures show some detail.The fish is from the children's book; The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. I prepped lots of my fancy fabrics for the scales using an iron on adhesive, steam-a-seam sticky back. I could iron on the adhesive, cut the shape, then Jeffrey could put the colors/fabric where he wanted.I gave him the outline of the fish and after he chose the main fabrics he filled in the scales.The details and the shape and size of the pillow where his ideas, (I tried to convince him to make a smaller pillow.) After all the parts were in place I covered it with nylon net (which will make it a very fragile pillow). Then left it for about 9 years. I quilted it and made the back 2 weeks ago and today got the binding on. (The first time to make a pillow with binding, it turned out pretty good.) YEAH!
Next month will be his brother's smaller pillow.

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