Friday, May 25, 2012

Hat #11

This plain blue hat is almost boring but the cable really shows up. The hat is big enough to tuck your hair into and it is wool.
This hat has my fist:
  •  my first provional cast on
  • my first cable
  •  my first kitchener stitch and 
  • my first pick up stitches.
I'm well on my way to intermediate knitter. The cable; the cable did not give me any trouble; it was the edge! I'd seen a u-tube video that said to slip the last stitch of each row...which led me to trying 6 different edge finishes. I knit and tinked the first 5 inches of the cable 6 times! Then went back to doing just a normal edge; just like my first attempt at the cable was.
I found the pattern here.

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