Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OPAM-April Christmas Quilt

Here's my 'sew all my Christmas 1 1/2" strips together and see what you get quilt.' My mission to use up Christmas fabric has taken off.......at a snails pace!
The back goes with the theme; use it up. Since the front reminds me of a bookcase I thought a book on the back would be fun. Then I had a friend embroider the label;
and left room for the grandkids to sign it after they sleep under it. NOW if some of the grandkids would come for Christmas I won't have to mail it all over the country to get the signatures.
I used a wool batt and a holly panto on it, thought it would be easier to sign if the quilting wasn't very dense.


Diane said...

great quilt! luv to piece backing to use up fabric!

Vicki W said...

That's a very clever scrap quilt!

Crystal Stanworth said...

very nice. i just found your blog and i'm IN LOVE with your texas flag quilt in you header picture!! it is exquisite. i NEEEEED one too!