Saturday, January 22, 2011

Border class

Thursday night I went to the first of 4 classes to learn more about putting on pieced borders. I took a workshop from the same teacher last year and got this far:
My homework for the next 2 weeks is to make the center...done. Then set it on point....done. Then make 80 half square triangles for the first my case 3rd border.... not done. Their center starts bigger; (if they follow directions) it will be this big (30") before they get 1 border on. The class will walk us through putting on 4 borders. This quilt could get up to 6 borders and 80" or bigger depending on the width of the borders I choose to put on my quilt. Since I have 7 yards of that yellow floral I can make it as big as I want.
Friday morning I got up and finished trimming these 'blocks' then took them to the church during my son's class and got all the papers torn off. Now I could sew them together. I have until 10 to sew...then I'm going shopping. Still hoping I'll find a navy skirt so I won't have to make one.

Everything I said I needed to do Wednesday is done!

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