Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OPAM for March

I didn't finish the planned quilt...too sick. But here's what I DID finish. The eye-spy quilt you've seen before; I started it in September '09 BUT I had plans for an Eye-spy quilt since 1986! When child number 4 was born I thought it would be cool to make a quilt of 'things' and started buying fabric for it. It wasn't long before I figured out that it might be harder than I thought to put all those different fabrics together. Someone smarter than I came up with the eye-spy quilt and I finally cut up a lot of my fabrics and made this quilt. That's only 24 years. I'll be sending this to it's new home soon; first I want to get number 2 finished so I can photograph them together.
I also finished a quilt for Grandson #6! The baby is not due for a month and the quilt is already there! Am I on the ball or what? It is pictured here.
Years ago I started buying thrift store clothes for the buttons. First I just cut off the buttons and threw away the clothes; if they weren't cotton or wool. Then I had an idea for a rayon challis pillow; so I kept that fabric (If I just tried my experiment with the challis I could get rid of a whole lot of fabric and have a new pillow to boot, if it works...) The first time I found beautiful buttons on a 100% linen dress for $1.00 I kept the linen. I have managed to make a purse out of one $1.00 jumper; pictured here. Now I've got a stack of linen to make bags out of. The plan was to have at least 5 but ...well I ran out of month before I ran out of fabric... The black with the elephants has rhinestone eyes and was a bit challenging to get them to not loose their feet into the bottom of the bag. The brown one was very easy to sew; I used the hem for the straps. Now if I'd just remember to take them with me when I go shopping.
How many linen shopping bags do you have?

edit..The elephant bag is silk! I have a silk bag to take shopping, how cool is that?

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