Friday, November 30, 2012

Last hat...#24

This is Jeffrey's hat, number 24;
It is very similar to Roger's hat, here. During the boring stockinet stitch part I interrupted it with a row of purl-knit-purl every 6 rows and I made the crown deeper, so I may need to redo the top of Roger's hat; it is just a bit small when the brim is folded up.
So the Christmas knitting is done!
But Andrew will need a scarf, and if I make him one don't I need to make his brother one? Then I found a wonderful skein of red yarn that I had to buy....Tuesday Morning has some white with sparkles that I'm trying not to is so pretty but really I don't know what I would knit with it...

Last year I started a pr.of mittens for one of the grandson's and lost the book with the instructions. I found the book After I purchased another one. Soooo I thought I would give away my extra copy of this book;

I have made 4 pr of mittens from the pattern included in the book.And one candy cane! I have the another candy cane knit just not twisted and... well...found.
I think a half dozen of these would look great on a tree. (Cut the clothes hanger off the bottom first though) Easy fast knitting. Perfect for those times you are waiting in the car for your youngsters to get in.  Although Andrew actually did a lot of the knitting of this one on one of those loomy things (Provo Craft's knifty spool loom pictured here) Certainly not a necessary tool if you know how to knit, but Andrew didn't.... and we were traveling ...and it gave him something cool to do. (He started a spider too but that is not yet done.)

So if you'd like this book, leave me a comment and a way to contact you and I'll mail it to you. If more than one wants it I'll have to do a drawing. Next week Friday I'll announce the winner.

Check out Judy's needles here.


Ava Louise said...

Sounds like a good book. The candy cane is really cute. I wish I was as far along on my Christmas knitting. I always wait until December to decide what I'm doing and then I have to rush.

Maggie said...

Nice hat. I think if you make one brother a scarf, they all need one.

Judy S. said...

24 hats, WOW! Good job!!! You must have a very long list. I am plugging away on my projects for the holidays, wishing as always that I had started sooner.....