Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hawaiian quilt-a-long

I'm doing my first quilt-a-long.
I figure since I get to make this quilt, again, I might as well post about it and then I will keep on track.
First a little history; my first finished quilt was a 'Trip Around the World' made in about 1983 for my oldest child. Here it is in it's faded glory. (It is machine quilted here, but originally was tied.) It took me a week to piece it. Then another week to put the borders on and then a week to tie it. 

Then I taught a class at church and helped 5 ladies each make one. I also made 2 for a friend.  My 2 boys have a twin size each and one has a baby size. Here I did it in miniature...well not miniature, just small.

Here I messed up the pattern to get random red squares but used the same 'pillowcase' technique.
I did another one using just green fabric (my daughter's favorite color).
Then a friend came and asked me to help her make a quilt for her eldest's graduation from high school.His father is half Hawaiian and so she wanted to make an Hawaiian quilt. In 2 month's. It was clear that she didn't know what an 'Hawaiian' quilt was and so we invented our own. Knowing that it would be heavily used in a dorm room it needed to be durable. Using the 'pillowcase' or 'cut no squares' technique I have made 5 of these for her. Now I'm starting the 6th.
I will post yardage requirements tomorrow. This is going to be fast. The quilt has to be finished by graduation; the end of May.
I can almost do this in my sleep but not quite yet.
So what is the total? How many of these have I made?

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