Friday, May 4, 2012

Card cont.

I finally made the envelope for my applique 'card' So hard to do. I chose 2 pieces of scrapbook paper-I should get some use out of it, right? Use one that you can write on and the postman can read; I chose a beige on white for the front and a busy one for the back of the envelope. Lay them together and cut them 1/2 " bigger than the card. Mine was just a hair larger than 9 inches.
Since I was using a permanent felt tip pen for the address write the address before inserting the card.

Set your sewing machine on long stitches and sew around it...I know, rocket science, right?
 OOps! Write your message inside the card before sewing it closed or pick out the stitches on one end, pull out the card, write in it, insert, sew back. I did put some frey check each place the thread started and stopped. This is not a heavy envelope but it is over-sized so go to the post office and purchase stamps; this card needed a 65 and a 45 cent stamp.

The post office is fine with sewn envelopes.
I sent my valentines is a similar envelope (using freezer paper)when my daughter got the card, she threw away the envelope; her husband picked it up out of the trash exclaiming; 'this is so cute, you can't throw this away.' yes you can. Sewing around it is easier than gluing and can be thrown away. I mean save the paper and glue it to some clothespins or something.

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