Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hat # 9

I thought making Sara (our exchange student) a hat would be a good memento of her trip to our home. Her second day here I dragged her and the boys to a knit shop and she chose a blue yarn for her hat and I started a crochet hat that I think looks great. Pattern here.Unfortunately I got it 3/4's done and realized that the smaller yarn was not working. So I ripped it out and went looking for a different pattern. Found Andohalambo Hat designed by SMKahn here.The pattern added great texture to the fairly plain yarn Sara had chosen. I loved knitting it; it felt so soft and supple in my hands. I like a hat to cover the ears and keep the forehead warm so I knit the pattern for 9 inches then did the decreases.
I hope Sara gets a lot of use out of this hat next winter.
Hat #10 is one for her little sister IF I get it finished before she leaves.

(edited since I recounted the hats...this was labeled #8 it is #9.)


Mel said...

I really like that hat!

Marilyn said...

Like !!!!