Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hat # 13

My grandson asked for hat with a beard! At first I was reluctant but decided to be the 'cool' grandma and knit the beard. I finished it while in Denver last week visiting my parents and 2 sisters.I did not attach the beard to the hat; it is separate and stays on with a piece of elastic behind his head. This is the third time I've used this pattern for a hat; found here...but read the comments on their post and don't follow their pattern exactly... the beard I found here and it is adult size so it will fit him his whole life! He surprised me and asked for the pompom after trying on the hat. He grabs the set-up and puts it on...I've even heard him say; 'I love this hat!' Unfortunately he does not get to take it home with him. I will send it with the rest of their Christmas gifts.

 Andrew found this burgundy toad in our front yard this evening. I like the above photo because it shows its size. The bottom one could be in a little boy's hand but it is in a big hand, practically adult size.
Cool toad.

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