Friday, July 30, 2010

OPAM My July project!

Finished minutes ago; even with a label! (The label is inked on the rod pocket so it was fast and easy.)
As far as I can tell it was a series of exchanges started in January 1995. The school house was not an exchange. We exchanged a lot of 4-patches and I used them in several baby quilts; Alex, Noah, Caleb, Daniel and Jonathon. I know I made more to fit the color scheme of each quilt but this exchange got me started.
Thanks to Carolyn, Vicki, Eileen, Barbara, Dianne, Sherry, Rain and Rosie.

There are many of us trying to do One Project A Month thanks to Kris and Peg. You can check them out there.


Judy said...

I love this so much! Good job getting it finished.

2paw said...

The school house is such a nice block and I love all the little patchworking around it. The OPAM is great fun!!!