Friday, October 26, 2007

baby names

Since I have a daughter that has a problem (what to name her unborn child) I read this information about choosing names with interest. Here is dd with her 20th birthday quilt in her college apartment. Her favorite color is_____ ? (Yeah, you guessed right; it's green) I had purchased green for this quilt for years (I've found that having a child choose a piece of fabric for some mythical future quilt for them makes for happier children in the fabric store.) I had even cut the strips out the year before when I'd gotten concerned about the massive amounts of green that I had accumulated and decided I needed to KNOW if I had enough or not. I had enough. I still have a stack of sewn strips/cut into squares. Guess what I'm using for her baby's quilt? And I made her a great scripture tote out of some of it too. She should post a picture of it in her blog (hint, hint.) I used the same method I use for my trip around the world quilts, alternating dark green and light greens. I was a good mom; not only was the quilt a surprise she actually received it ON her birthday and it has a coordinated pillow case/quilt case and I put 20 lovely green crystals on it with my gem setter (I had to have an excuse for buying it since I love rhinestones so much).

Then here is a garland tutorial for Angela. If I had a place to put this I'd be tempted to make one for myself.

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