Friday, November 9, 2012

Hat 22 and 23

Hard to believe that it has been 2 weeks since I wrote here....Sorry.

Last week I was at quilt festival and frankly completely worn out every evening. ;)
I know you feel my pain.

I bought 3 skeins of yarn while there.  Two were of very bulky yarn; malabrigo Rasta, so soft and nice to work on. I did a swatch of the first skein and Andrew loved the feel of it so I went back and got a different colorway for him.
Then I got to ride in a van almost to San Antonio and back on Saturday. So I knit the first skein into this hat, Rasta Herringbone Hat with Dreds, for myself. I actually took both of the below hats to work on but the plain knitting on the gray and blue hat got boring very fast!
This pattern;  was hard on the hands so I'd knit 2 rows of the herringbone pattern and then rest by knitting on Roger's hat (the blue and gray) then go back to the herringbone.
This hat, Custom Tritops, used an interesting sideways ribbing, straight garter stitch. Instead of picking up stitches you add the pick up stitch to the edge as you knit the ribbing. Worked great although Roger would like the hat to be even longer so he could fold the brim up completely...I want to do another one of these.

I have one more hat to knit for Christmas for Jeffrey.

I'm linking up with Judy's 'what's on my needles?'


straythreads said...

darling hats and GORGEOUS yarns!!

Mary said...

Love the hats!