Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pin Cushion

I instigated a pin cushion exchange for our guild retreat in a couple of weeks. Then I felt like I better participate! Here is a picture of my offering and some links to some great pincushion tutorials.
There are a ton of ideas out there. Mine is so simple; I folded a piece of paper and cut a flower out. Then cut one petal out and cut out 3 plaids and 3 reds out of some wool scraps. Since I didn't want to try to turn in and stitch close a curve I cut the back in half. then I stuffed it with wool scraps and stuck a giant washer in the bottom to give it some weight, sewed a button on and viola; Easy.
And I used some of my 6 huge bins of wool! I'm counting this as a WISP (work in slow progress) since using the wool is a BIG project I have.

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Angela said...

I made a "pumpkin" a few years back that was very similar. I like yours!