Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inspiration quilt

This week's inspiration quilt is closer to an exact copy. I blogged about this quilt in July but I couldn't find the photo from the magazine. I saw the above picture in Country Living magazine, taken at a Riverwind Country Inn in Connecticut.

Made in 1994. blogged about here also.
I put it in one of my 3 inch binders. I have many. That's where I put pictures of the gazillion things I'm going to do some day.
This one is labeled QUILTS but the picture should have been in the one labeled 'Quilt Notes.' Once I start working on a quilt I gather my notes and pictures and it goes in 'Quilt Notes.' Since I have more than one thing started I make a 'journal' entry each time period I work on one project and it goes with the other notes.
I also have a notebook labeled 'Scrap Bee' which has all the notes gathered that pertain to the scrap bee that I did for 10 years.

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