Monday, March 15, 2010

Design wall

I visited 2 quilt shops in New Braunsfel Saturday. There was a quilt on the wall that I loved, but I'm not making it. I would like to know the name of what I'm not making though, any one have an idea? Here's my memory of it. It was done in Civil War fabrics.

I'm not making it in civil war fabrics or blue and white though.
This is on my design wall. The picture was taken last week and I've managed to get ONE row sewn together since. It will also have a border with some thirty's fabric. Maybe it will be up next week.
Last week I posted a list of goals and I think I did very well with them; although I didn't knock them all out; I managed to get most done. I've updated that post if you are interested here's a link. This week I'll finish them up and play with my kids since it is Spring Break!

  • make cookies today (our guild has anyone with a birthday during the month provide refreshments for the meeting.)
  • submit quilts (2) to quilt show for same guild
  • babysit 2 babies (14 months old and 2 years old) their Mother is not allowed to lift anything...not even a gallon of milk. I'm keeping them until naptime.
  • fill out health assessment for Roger's health plan...they'll pay me $25; today is the last day.
  • Laundry, laundry and more laundry
and that's just for today. This week I want to;
  • Finish piecing I-spy #2. The blocks are sewn together and half of the first pieced border is sewn.
  • Make triangles then
  • make block number 4 for triangle madness.
  • Catch up on customer quilts....quilt one custom and get the next one in.
  • Get Dresden Plate sewn together.


Liz said...

pretty quilt. glad that you had a good weekend. You need a girls get away.

Gari said...

Looks like a heavy list of goals, especially for Spring Break week. Love you dresdens.

Danielle said...

Love your quilt. Not sure which pattern that is in civil war repros. Please post the answer when you get it. I am heading back to the Austin area in April. Curious which shops you like to go to between there and SA? Sounds like your quilt guild has some great ideas. Good luck with your To Do list. Remember to stop and relax along the way!

Cecile said...

That quilt pattern is from "Miss Rosie's Quilt Company" and it is called "Radio Flyer."