Monday, March 2, 2015

Muddie Buddie

Saint Patrick's day is in March, so we have to suffer through green colored treats....when we could just eat spinach . I saw this St. Patrick muddy buddy on this blog post so I had to make it this morning for our Quilt Guild refreshments tonight.

So last week I went to several stores looking for just the marshmallows from the Lucky Charm Cereal and for green M&M's.....nadda...none I figured I wouldn't make it. Until 10:30 Saturday night when I caved. Purchased Lucky Charms and a large bag of M&M' this morning I picked out marshmallows and green M&M's.
 This is the melted mass (mess) the white chocolate chips did not just melt..they had to be smushed into submission, each and every one.
Unfortunately, I'm sure it would have turned out perfectly if I'd had liquid green food coloring, I only had I tried coloring half of the powdered sugar, it did not work. So I colored half of the peanut butter mess, and got a muddy green so then tried to cover that mostly with powdered sugar. But it still looks St. Patricky....I'd say it was worth it to get those charms.....Here it is staged;
I put green colored sugar on top, but it just falls to the bottom of the's just to make the picture prettier.

Friday, February 27, 2015

the cutting room floor...

More postcards...
 just picked up a handfull of cut edges off the cutting table floor...
Here I just added some quilting and a thin wash of acrylic paint for the letters. They were so easy to do. Last time I was at JoAnn's I purchased peltec (heavy duty interfacing) that had iron on adhesive on one side. I picked up scraps and ironed them down, then stitched down it every 1/8 inch or so. Trimmed it and zig zagged around the outside. Quilted the letter outline and then painted it. 
I was inspired by some work by Jenny Bowker in the March/April 2014 Machine Quilting Magazine.  The link shows some interesting work by Jenny but not the few little quilts that inspired me to paint on the postcards....
The last step is to baste the cardstock onto the back. Here are some of my backs....I've gotten fancy with them;

I just run the big water color paper under the faucet, using leftover paint from my kids grade school days I put a wash of colors and let it dry. The top blue one? I threw salt on it while it dried. These look pretty vibrant but they are really soft enough color so that the black ink that I write my notes with still shows. If one dries too bright, I just run it under the faucet for a few seconds to take some of the color away. After they dry I cut them to 4x6 and sew them to the backs of my photos or to the back of the fabric ones like above.

I still (or again after a few complaints) sew a layer of tracing paper to the front, to cover and protect the photo or fabric...

Now I'm thinking of a way to enhance the tracing paper....
(Are you just dying to know what I cut the scraps off of??? Patience. I'll get around to revealing it soon,,,)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another Valentine Postcard...

Sew, I had to do one more, post card that is;
I did not have enough 1/4 inch strips for this...I had to cut a few. A happy accident was the red yarn sitting next to the I couched it to the I was sewing I found a knot. Instead of trying to fix it I just tied a couple more and I like the knots in I'll do that again.

Monday, February 16, 2015

zipper pouch

I inspired myself the bag I posted here was so cute that I wanted one for myself...Here is the inspiration piece;
And here is the one I made for myself;
Not as cute, but a little more useful. The heart is made out of felted sweater that I dyed red. Here it is closer;
(I am not fighting blogger, it keeps taking my pictures and turning them...if it was a face it would be too strange...but not a bag.)
So, Now what do I do with a 'white' bag? (It is natural linen so not really white)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Just tootting my own horn here; I made another much fun.
I just used bits and pieces from my sewing stuff. The stiffness was donated by a french cuff that I cut out of a shirt...NOW I'm kicking myself for throwing away so many cuffs!

I also made a zipper pouch..used another recycled zipper! Yeah! It takes so little time to make. Lisa added her bit, the embroidery and the fabric this time.

The lining is really pretty too. I've learned that a light colored bag gets too dirty hanging out in MY purse so making the outside dark and the inside light works better. (a dark inside and the stuff tends to disappear.)

One last valentine project; frost the cookies for my Sunday School class tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Today's postcard;
Honestly, I took better pictures of this but every single one blogger turned sideways, 6 different this is the one you get. 
Here you can see it finished...but sideways.  :)

Those are shirt scraps...just overlapped and sewn, so glad I didn't throw the 3/8" scraps away as too small to work with.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Dare I call this postcard ART? This card was inspired by this one at 'angry chicken'.
It was just fun and an experiment;
 Just scraps of a sweater (another project...that is finished) cut into hearts and set onto packing tape.
 I could have written something first...but that would have taken planning...
I cover the address with a piece of clear tape since one was returned to me with the address unreadable cause of water damage...

Just because inquiring minds want to know..I mailed another card on the same day as this one and this postcard took an extra week to get to my parents. It got there with no damage to it...not even the normal postal damage.