Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quilt Festival!

I went, I saw! I did not conquer. Last night it was open from 7-10 p.m. We started looking at the quilts as far from the vendors as we could get. The centerpiece of the show was this display of red and white Quilts for their 40 year ruby celebration. I have been attending for 35 years. The first time I had my second child strapped to my chest and it was at a church. Fabulous. I have missed ...about 5 over the years.
Here are some of the quilts I saw;
Butterflies in my Garden' by Doris Garfinkel of Indiana. All batiks, all logcabins.
A Baltimore Album Quilt with rows of very small yo-yo's holding each mini-quilt block to the others. Koyoko Hata of Japan made it to celebrate her 60th birthday.
This 'Red Sunflower' button quilt is here for my sister, it was made by Susan Bianchi of California.

.This 'Victorian Transformation' was made by Allison Aller of Washington. Love the multitude of butterflies on this.

Many miniature red and white quilts were displayed, all the work of 2 sisters Andrea Blackhurst and Ellen Carter. There were delightful, inspired by the red and white quilts displayed in New York City in 2011 the sisters got to work.

Tomorrow I get to go again! This time for 9 hours!

I hope pictures of quilts don't bore I've got to get sewing!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween book

As promised, the other 2 books are done and here they are;
The bottom one is my favorite.
Done a little differently. Here I modge-podged burlap down THEN put the letters on top. I was concerned that the sticky letters would come off so I hunted down the thinnest paper in my house, a napkin, and put it on top.. I like the way the letters are clearer. On the first 2 books the letters were put down and then the paper towel glued on top. That left the letters smooched...less distinctive. I also didn't add any...stuff to the top since you only see the spine. Here's book number 2;
The basic directions are found here.
I've lost my display area nearest the front door (the dog would chew it all up) so I have the top of our old entertainment center. It looked like this;
Now it is this;
But I think I'm going to have eliminate the bobble heads to a different surface.
What do you think?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween book

First of all my computer has been on the blink and since it is now working I thought I'd make up for lost time. So I thought about what I've done in the last month....and could not think of a thing!
Good thing I take pictures occasionally or I wouldn't remember anything.
Last year I collected a couple of books at garage sales for future Halloween books. This year I got started on one. Looking at Pinterest I found this pinned. Kind of close to what I wanted to do. So here is my before;
A book from our shelves that was discarded at the end of Andrew's 7th grade. Flat toys purchased at the Dollar Tree.
My after:
I used black paint and then gold metallic paint...I think some brown would add some richness, but not enough to go to the store again.
I'll show you where I put it when I get the other 2 done.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More charity quilts

 Lisa's quilt as you go project to use up scrap flannel turned out great. She did 2 of these.All I did was donate scraps of batting (makes me happy to have scrap batting leave my house.)

 Then she did 3 more flannel tops that I quilted. I had a terrible time with the camera and took pictures of all of them but cannot find 1 of the others.

The missing one is also pink and green. They were all lovely to quilt; Lisa gets her quilts even and square.
 This one we worked on together; a disappearing 4-patch which turned out great. we cut it when we cut the zigzag, using the same fabrics.
We did 7 quilts this year. They were donated to 'Angels on the Ground' and a Woman's shelter.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Zigzag Charity Quilt

It is finally completely finished.
57 x 78. I blogged about the top here. The quilting got finished in July, before my surgery. Lisa got it and bound it. We did 8 quilts this year. I'll post them all eventually. My camera is giving me fits so the pictures that were taken have to be redone. The back:
The back is an all over that I saw here, Starry night. Love it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kitchen Island

We remodeled our kitchen in 2011.At the time I posted a picture of my dream island but never showed you it finished. We designed it with the stone top in mind but built it with butcher-block so the space is not as big as the magazine pictures.
It sits up on wheels (that way I did not have to decide exactly where to put it.) and we can move it when we have a party. The top of the cabinet is covered in cork board, I figured if cork can be used on the floor, it can be used on this protected counter. I did a google search and found a place that would custom build the butcher block so it would be wide enough to have an overhang on both sides. Then I ordered it longer so we would have enough scraps to use as the pseudo support.
It really just hides the metal supports.

The butcher block is the workhorse of the kitchen counters. The underneath part does not get used everyday but I slide in cookie sheets when the surface is covered, pies near the holidays, and occasionally it will hold junk that was on the top when I need the surface. Usually it has my big shallow salad bowl under it, but today it was bare.

I love love love my new kitchen.

If you want to do something similar, this is what I remember. The kitchen designer at Home Depot took an upper cabinet and altered it to fit our design, she said a lower cabinet couldn't be altered the way we wanted. We took a standard cabinet height of 36 inches and subtracted the counter height and the space height and then the wheel height. I would like the space to be bigger but it is 3 5/8". The cork is 1/4" thick.  I have an e-mail from that is where I purchased the maple butcher block from. They were quick and it looks great.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hat 25

I bought yarn for 3 hats to knit during my recovery...which isn't over yet. I have one finished. The pattern is from a library book; Monster knits for little Monsters. Amazon has it.
This is the first one I planned;
But I had to figure out how to change the color at the spikes, then I decided it only needed 3, which mad it easier to knit. The hats are all very similar I just turned to page to find one that was and followed that.
This is Brycen, the child I knit the hat for, unfortunately it doesn't stay on his head for long....

 Here I bribed him with smarties and we got a couple of pictures.
 His brother was happy to model the hat for me.
 Now I'd love a picture with all 3 brothers in their rooster hats!