Wednesday, July 9, 2014

double knit quilts

I'm pretty sure that we drove through a town called Cherokee?? did not think I would forget the name, and was sure I could look it up on a map....and there is a town Cherokee and it is near our route, but not exactly on the road I thought we were driving. So I 'm not sure where we saw this but there was a sign; 'QUILTS!' and we stopped. On the front porch of what looked like a one room store was a quilt, worn and weathered; it was a double knit top. The shop was closed but looking in the window I could see shelves full of finished quilts. Behind the building where we parked was a fence with a row of double knit, hand pieced quilt tops.

The Grandmother's Flower Garden was pieced with small hexagon's and the original color of the path was a very bright green, I could see the underside of the quilt in one spot.
WOW! It looked fabulous and was a great advertisement for the shop, I'd love to see what was inside but it is unlikely I'll ever see the shop open...It was between here and Lubbock so we do get to drive it 2 more times so I'll keep my eye's open for more polyester quilts.

We drove the same route up to Lubbock but I didn't see the shop, then we drove on freeways home since we were coming from Pampa.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The month of June is over! We were so busy this blog was really neglected.
  • We took our youngest up to Texas Tech for a 5 week chemistry program.
  • We spent almost a week with our daughter and 3 grandsons in Pueblo.
  • My sister met up with us in Pueblo and I gave her her Christmas gift (I'm early, not late) her quilted log cabin. I'll get the pictures off my husband's camera soon and do another post of just it.
  • We visited Pueblo's courthouse, a beautiful building;
     Lovely painted 'feathers' and some scroll work that would be beautiful transferred to quilting.
  •  We made a quick trip up to Denver to visit my parents, our vacation plans had changed so it was my only chance to see them this summer.
    They always have a quilt on the quilt rack, I tried to take some good pictures of it...this is the best of the group;
    This was made by my great-aunt Edith Randleman. She made lots of quilts.
  • We spent about a week and a half entertaining and feeding another group of grandchildren :) It was fun working as a team in the kitchen. We did an awesome salad bar 3 times, lots of choices and with the crowd it was mostly eaten up. We also did asian rice paper spring rolls with choices laid out and everyone made their own. And popcorn, those kids would have starved if they hadn't been able to make their own popcorn. 
So June is over and July is running away, it will soon be August and time for school to start. My youngest is a senior this year, then we will be out of public schools, after 30 years of kids attending! Wow, our youngest started in1984....

Monday, June 23, 2014


Last month was our guild quilt show and one of the fund raisers is a silent auction with small quilts donated by the members. This year I took a friend to the quilt show with me and she bid on 2 of the small quilts. She won so I got to pick them up for her and had them in my custody for about 5 days. :)
She was so pleased to get these to give to her granddaughters to play with. The above rail fence was made with civil war reproduction fabrics by Becky Stephensen.
This one was made by Jana Albritton and is a delightful quilt made with 1930's reproduction fabrics.The Hugs and Kisses pattern I have on by bucket list....maybe I could get more patterns sewn if I made them this size. I'm pretty sure my friend will be back next year to get quilts for her other 2 granddaughters; they are just babies this year so they won't be playing with dolls for awhile.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I made the layered crepes again, the first time I shared a picture here We were expecting guests Friday night and I had leftover frosting in the refrigerator so I made crepes again and layered them. This time I put raspberries on the top.
This time it was sweeter, notice the chocolate is thicker. I couldn't eat a second piece.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Finally, a picture!

I finally got a picture of the whole quilt;
 And a detail shot;
Do you realize that getting a picture of this quilt probably took an hour? And it's still not a great picture. Next step? I don't know, this took me about 2 months to finish.  Which seems like a lot when the top was almost done when I started.
Summertime and vacation time means it's time to decide on some knitting since quilting in the car doesn't work for me. I think I'm ready to tackle knitting a baby blanket and I'm teaching some women at church how to knit a hat so we can donate some to a men's shelter this fall. I bought some bulky yarn and started a sample. The class is in July so I should be able to do a couple before then.
Meanwhile I have a quilt in the frame; the front;
 the back;
 This is a funky pink log cabin that is my sister's second quilt. She chose this fun panto for me to quilt. I'll take a picture before I return it to her. Then here are 2 baby blankets I quilted for a friend;
The same panto done in 2 different sizes. I thought the smaller one was cuter but we found that the bigger one made for a softer feel and we really liked that. Each of blankets have flannel on one side and a polka dot on the other.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

quilt show

I kind of left you dangling...just wondering how my quilt did in the show. Right? Well my 2 quilts did not get ribbons (I didn't expect them to) but one of the quilts I quilted for a customer did!

You can see the whole quilt here.

It was a lovely show. It 's lovely to recognize names as I look at the quilts. Here is one of my favorites;
 The black and bright 9-patch was an exchange that Marsha Fuller did.
This was made by Cynthia Williford. The colors are great and I've done a Chinese lantern log cabin...not easy. Cynthia also made the best of show, which can be seen here, on her web site. I loved that the winner did not follow a pattern and did her own thing to a Baltimore album quilt.
Local quilt shows are the best.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Darling dog!

Keep repeating ...this dog is good for the family, this dog is good for the family....
So when we got him he was 'kennel trained' but I think the trauma of leaving his home, with 2 other dogs, made it so we decided to restart the kennel training. So I can't leave him for hours in the kennel yet. So I left him tied to our heavy, desk. After it worked several times he pulled it out from the wall and jerked the leash out from under the leg. Luckily nothing was harmed. So...I tied him up in the back yard to a stake that is supposed to secure a dog 50 lbs. That worked a few times then yesterday I was gone an hour and he jerked the stake out of the ground (we had had a lot of rain, so the ground was soft.)  Today I needed to go to the post office, so we staked him out outside again with the stake down lower and in a new spot with a length of rubber rope so the jerk motion was less, I got home and the rubber rope had come untied. Now I have to learn this knot so I can leave for a quilt show. So I guess I better go test it.

It works well so I will be able to go to the quilt show later!