Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm trying to tie up loose ends to finish my projects for the month. I quilted 3 scrap quilts that I've supervised and helped make during the year. There is a picture below of one of them. The others are blogged about here.I also quilted the border of this Halloween quilt that I did years ago. I made the pattern and sold it as a Christmas Quilt (see bottom of right side bar). The shop wanted it with their Halloween postcards so they gave me all the fabric to sew it up then it hung in their shop for a couple years but since they no longer carry the postcards they no longer need the quilt. I had sewn the binding on my machine and it looked bad, so I took it off and redid it. Using the same binding I ended up needing 2.25" less. So either the quilting pulled the quilt in a lot or I did a very poor job the first time round. Here it is before the quilting and binding repair.Here it is as it looks now. (If I can get my husband to take another, better picture I'll replace this one tomorrow.)

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Diane said...

doesn't it feel great to finish up projects!

Mel said...

You can really see the difference there. It looks fantastic. Can you post a better picture of the quilt rack too.... I am going to build one soon and need some inspiration.