Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prom Dress

This is Rose, a friends daughter. I have been working on her prom dress for a couple of weeks. It is now finished! She was willing to exchange housework for sewing.
She had a little black dress that she had purchased at a really low price and I picked off the shorter black skirt and used it as a pattern for the turquoise and black lace. Yesterday I went to a friends house to finish it. (My good machine is still in the shop) I hemmed it and then tried to add some scalloped lace to the bottom of the lace skirt.....decided that it didn't really need it and just cut off the lace even with the underskirt. She wanted pockets, to hold her cell phone and lipstick, I suppose, since she didn't want to carry a purse.
Here the back straps are pinned but they are sewn now. I don't believe she will be wearing jeans under it Saturday night.

Now she's going shopping for shoes and a silver/black necklace.

So a finish for May...although it isn't a personal project I'll count it anyway.


Paula said...

Great job!!! I love to see a young woman all dressed up in an age appropriate dress. She looks beautiful. :)

Leavitt's said...

Cute. I love Sewing dresses!!

denver accident attorney said...

It's turns out really lovely and a charming dress. Job well done! =)