Friday, September 23, 2011

zig zag warm/cool squares finished!

It turned out! I worried about this quilt but it IS fun and bright and colorful which is what I was trying for.
Finish size 66 x 76 I ended up cutting the borders at 5" instead of 4". 'Cause I had gotten the end of the bolt at Joanne's and purchased extra fabric at 50% off.

What I love about this quilt:
  • it was easy
  • others could do some of the sewing
  • very forgiving; one block came to me too narrow; I just added a strip to the side and I really have to hunt to find it in the quilt...go ahead and hunt; I left the file large so you could; one more hint, the strip is pink.
What I don't love about this quilt:
  • bias edges; starch it and then starch is some more.
So pretty good for 6 weeks work, mostly done by others! I did the binding; I cut 8 strips width of fabric at 3". I wanted the binding to be just a bit wider to hold in all that movement.

This gave me an idea; I have a bin of white scraps that I haven't started sewing yet. Why not use red scraps and white scraps? I also LOVE the ZIGZAG setting and am going to do a zigzag theme for the next several Fridays. I am working on this:
I'll show you more next week.

I'm also counting this as my OPAM project for September. I missed July AND August; I wonder why?

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Mel said...

Looks absolutely beautiful. I love it.