Monday, April 23, 2012

Sew what are you doing this week?

I'm quilting this:
Using 2 batts; a cotton poly with a wool batt on top. It is a bit challenging handling the thickness of it. I wanted to try it since I'd heard that it worked very well for some tight quilting. So far I've done stabilizing; just in the ditch quilting along the edges of the zigzags.
Here I'm sorting my pink scraps to make kits to hand out for the next charity quilt:
I'm sorting the scraps into light, medium and dark pink piles. You can see the plexiglass template above that we will be using to cut out shapes for an Indian hatchet like block.
On the upper right of the above picture you can see a newly formed piece of pink 'fabric' testing one of the kits. After making it I decided to sort the piles according to shades.Here is a link to a quilt that inspired us.
I am also making a bigger version of my Texas flag pattern that is sold at Quakertown Quilts. Here are the first 8 of 24 blocks; I only worked on them this weekend when I was too tired to do anything else.
And here is the binding for Angela's quilt....

I may have gone over board a bit on the binding.....There are 26 yards plus 12 inches of binding here...I didn't want to figure out how much binding to 1 1/4 yards of fabric purchased; cut into continuous bias you think it is enough? And what should I do with the extra?


Liz said...

That is awesome! I really liked making piping. but 26 yards might be a bit much for enjoyment. :)

ANudge said...

That's a lot of binding, but I'm sure you'll use it up as productive as you are. And thanks for the link to the Texas flag quilt. I want to make that one.
A TX gal living in CA.