Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stash report AND OPAM finish

I started this a year I've been working on it for 3 days; it's a duvet cover! I finished last night about 11:30. I bought a King size sheet set to get a queen duvet out of it. Four yards of 'lotus blossom' (a different color) for the 5 inch border, on both sides, all the way around. Unfortunately with only 4 yards I had to have a fold at the edge of the duvet and could not get a whole flower without sacrificing another flower; which would leave me with one edge with no border. Most of the miters were done by hand. Then I got to figure out how to topstitch the backside without going through all the layers. The hem tape of stitch witchery I bought 15 years ago came in handy to hold the edge in place until I could sew it down. As I finished I thought of an easier way to construct the whole thing...but it would not have looked as nice, and I wouldn't have had enough of the Lotus Blossom. (The photo is of the back.)
It looks wonderful and it used a lot of fabric!

Duvet finished! -14 yards of fabric
shopping at quilt shop sale +5 yards
gifted to daughter in law -3 yards of '30's reproductions
gifted to quilt guild - 1o yards
gifted to thrift store -10 yards

+65 yards year to date
-37 yards year to date

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Angela said...

Great work, that is pretty amazing...3 yards? Wow I'm excited!