Friday, March 23, 2012

hat #8

Finished hat #8 Wednesday. I loved the way the ribs stick out but when it is on it is fairly flat. I found the pattern here. BUT did 30 rows according to the pattern and didn't like the way the ribs didn't line up in the back so pulled it out and added 3 stitches (cast on 78). I think the pattern needs to be in a multiple of 6; 3k and 3p, then after 3 rows shift it one stitch.
I think I graduated to INTERMEDIATE knitter with this one. My definition of intermediate knitter is one who makes lots of mistakes but can figure out what she did wrong. For example; this morning I knit 5 rows during seminary then unknit (or tinked) 2 rows. I did a lot of tinking with this hat. Another time this morning I used my crochet hook to fix 3 stitches that I'd purled instead of knit. See, an intermediate knitter; it only took 45 years.Sara, our exchange student from Germany, agreed to model this for me. Hats look better when you are young and have hair below it.

I may make this again larger so the ribs don't flatten so much when worn...
I used a 40 inch circular needle with Lamb's Pride 85% wool 15% Mohair, color Forest Shadows

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Liz said...

I love it. Looks great and you are getting better.