Sunday, February 27, 2011

OPAM-for February

I guess it counts even if I'm less than thrilled with it. I used a wool batt. It shrank more than I thought it should. It may just need to be blocked; dampened and stretched. Now I need to figure out out to reapply the binding and not have it ripple. But it is finished. I AM NOT thinking of redoing it. It is supposed to be a 'blanket'. I have enough Christmas quilts for it to be underneath a different one come next Christmas; now that would be a shame. Which of my boys is going to be clamoring for it to be put on their bed?
I am thrilled with the way the back looks. Lots of quilting in 3 different colors of thread; white, blue and red.
Now, what should I finish for March? So many choices.....
**edit** April 3rd- I picked off the binding and re-applied it; gathering the quilt in to make it lay looks really much better. Eight and a half hours to re-do the binding. ;P

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Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Laurie! Well done finishing your quilt! What a shame the batting shrunk more than it should have ... mind you, it still looks pretty impressive to me and I'm sure it will be lovely and warm to snuggle under! :0) Will look forward to seeing what you tackle in March - Bear Hugs! KRIS