Wednesday, May 30, 2012

hat # 12

I figured that IF I make hats for Christmas this year I need to knit this is only the 3rd one for that. I may have to make new plans but right now it's HATS. One grandson wanted blue and green stripes.

plain or with a pom-pom?

or with a little stem?
They are certainly easy to add or subtract.
I found this pattern in a library book; 'Last-Minute KNITTED GIFTS' by Joelle Hoverson. published 2004.
It has several other 'gifts' I'd like to try. Chevron scarf and baby booties.

I have several sewing projects I'm working on too;
  • bind graduation quilt
  • pillow
  • zipper pouch 1
  • zipper pouch 2
  • zipper pouch 3
  • zipper pouch 4
  • pillowcase
The zippers are going to be interesting since I do not have my sewing machine with a zipper foot.


Angela said...

He says with the pompom.

ANudge said...

LOL - I doubt it! Great start and you have 6 months to go. Wish I could knit - I've tried but I'm too tight a stitcher.