Friday, October 5, 2012


Here's my contribution to Socktober; my first sock!
 Technically my second sock (my true 'first' sock was knit flat and seamed...and blogged about here.) but my first sock knit in the round and toe up. I found a pattern here and I added a loop in the middle of the back so that I could hang it on the Christmas tree. I learned several things with this sock;
  • Judy's magic cast on
  • gusset
  • heel turn
  • toe increases
 The sock looks a bit wonky but it let me practice the elements in a sock without doing a week of knitting. I considered doing a duplicate stitch 1 on the back of the ankle to decorate and label it as my first sock. Then I realized I could slip a note with information about the sock inside the sock and it would have more information AND be easier.
I also finished and blocked the scarf.
The scarf pattern I found here. I started this the beginning of September.

Last Saturday I cast on this hat (pattern I found here). Finished Sunday evening. This is my 20th hat. (I was hall monitor at the high school Saturday for about 4 hours which gave me lots of time to knit. I sat in a chair at the bottom of the stairs and told kids that they could not go upstairs; in those 4 hours only one student wanted to go upstairs. I was so glad I had my knitting.)

Today my mission is to get the yarn for hat #21 and #22. With conference being telecast I will have 8 hrs to knit this weekend. :)

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