Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dresden Plate quilt

In a land far far away..., (Colorado is along ways from Texas) and a long time ago (about 1952-56 years ago) a young woman, my Mother, visited an old woman. She lived in a one room house with a wood burning stove in Animas City, Colorado. (Animas City is now part of Durango.) Through Mother's high school years she regularly visited her. After her marriage she continued to visit when she visited her own mother who lived near by. One time she was given some Dresden Plate plates that the old woman had pieced previously. Mother gave the blocks to her Mother. My Grandmother gave them to me about 20 years ago. I appliqued them down to muslin then and got them sewn into a top about 10 years ago.
YESTERDAY I FINISHED THE QUILT!(19.5 yards of fabric.)

(To see the back go here.)

donated, same: 71 yards
used, changed: 171.5 yards
purchased, changed: 191 yards

I was very disappointed in myself; I can't believe I was so naive. I expected to be able to go to the store and get the same reproduction 'nile' green that I bought 10 years ago. Although the shop had about 5 solid reproduction greens they ALL looked horrible with the green in the sashing. Fortunately I had the quilt with me and was able to find a print to use for binding; 3/4's of a yard.

For quilt retreat I contacted our local quilt shops for donations for door prizes. One of the shops; Fabric Etc. in Webster gave us a $10.00 coupon for EACH participate. I was eager to use it (use it before I loose it) so came up with an experiment I wanted to try and bought the last of her solid black fabric; 5 yards. I use it to sash the charity quilts the ward does each year so I'll have a use for it even if my 'experiment ' fails. (I'll blog about the experiment at another time.) So my numbers went up.

Judy has a list of all the mighty stash busters if you're interested in visiting others crazy enough to do this. Sometimes it would just be easier to declare the 'wall of fabric' ART and never touch it. Touching it is WORK. What you don't use has to be put back; pulling it out causes the fabric above to fall out, then using it is work and cleaning up afterwords is definitely work; I should just watch some television! I'd be entertained and not have a mess to clean up... but then I wouldn't have lovely quilts to look at either.

I left it large so you can click on it and see the quilting better. Yes, I'm touting my own horn; who else will do it? Yes, I know the picture is sideways, if I turn it it will be smaller and you may not be able to see the quilting. My daughter is the expert at cropping so if she would I'd love it. Please?

This is also my OPAM of month for October! yes, I know it's not the 31st yet.


Barb in Mi said...

Laurie, it's beautiful and so full of history! And not history in the books, but real life. This quilt sure will get a honor spot in your house?
I am with you: sometimes it would be so much easier not to report, just to go and use/ buy fabric...but it is quite eye opening to do a stash report.

Judy D said...

Laurie, it is stunning! You are so lucky to own this. A true treasure with a fabulous story.
Someone said last week their stash report was more awareness than a report. I like the way she thinks. :)

Mary-Kay said...

You did a great job on the Dresden Plates. I love how you quilted it.

Charlene S said...

Great story! Wonderful quilt! After 'cleaning and rearranging' my sewing room, I have to agree with you - it is alot of work.

Julie said...

Laurie: Your quilt is beautiful. I enjoyed reading the history of the blocks. Be sure and write it down along with the photos so that the history isn't lost!

Laurie said...

I edited it for you! I think that means that I should get this one willed to me. I mean it is green..

Mel said...

So "Laurie" edited it? Nope.. don't think that is right... must be Liz, although we will never know.. maybe it was me.. maybe I should inherit it! Well either way, I am sure to get some quilts from you I am sure. I love love love this one though mom, it is gorgeous! Can you get the name of the old lady grandma visited? Surely Grandma remembers.

Laurie said...

No, Grandma could not remember. She has tried for weeks. She can describe the home; she had a wood burning stove and a double bed in her one room, but no name. A detective could go to Durango and find out...The house behind the house across the street from Grandma.

Liz said...

yes it was me.. I guess I forgot to sign out and sign back in as me!