Friday, May 28, 2010

OPAM for May

Here is my One Project A Month project for May! I paper pieced the beginning of this log cabin at girls camp when my daughter, Melissa was a girl. I was craft counselor and I took a bin of scraps and my Featherweight Sewing machine and got the project started. I figure that was about 16-17 years ago. So I was just going to whip it up into a pillow but I couldn't. I bordered it, I quilted it, I made piping for it and put a zipper in the back. I DID take 4 days to make it so I could get my other projects finished also.
Things I learned:
  • Piping made out of large scale, 2 size cords, corduroy is a pain to make.
  • Piping made out of, 2 size corded corduroy looks very interesting with the highs and lows.
  • My fancy cord trimming plexiglass ruler doesn't work with my cutter; the ruler is thick and the cutter mechanics keep me from cutting next to the ruler; another cutter might work well.
  • Zippers are faster than buttons...all that digging through your buttons takes time.
  • Choose your project early and get it out. 5 minutes a day can really make a difference.
  • If it wasn't for the OPAM challenge THIS is one project that would have languished in a pile for a few more years.
My daughter WANTS to see pictures of her brothers, not just my projects. So Mel this is for you:
His cheesy grin.
Cleaning his teeth from the cake crumbs on them so he CAN smile.
Telling me he can't smile.
His first smile, protecting the viewer from the horrible vision of cake on his teeth.
(He baked his first cupcakes last night and so is having cake for breakfast.)

*This is counted as a 'finished quilt' although it is a small quilt.


Angela said...

Those are great pictures of him!

Mel said...

For me?? What? The pictures? The boy? or the pillow? (Please say pillow...) ok just kidding. I love the second picture of him best!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Laurie, what fun photos and well done on your finish the cushion is awesome..