Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stash Report and OPAM

I finished a quilt! A twin sized Trip Around the World. Now, how much fabric did it use? 13 yards! I ended up buying fabric for the binding. I measured around the quilt; halfway like I usually do but I forgot to double the measurement. I had enough to go around so I cut it up and sewed it only went halfway around! So I ripped it off and ran to the quilt store and found a red stripe that had to be applied on the bias; but it looked great and I was able to sew it on and get it wrapped before he got home from Scouts at 8:30.
I left the blue squares un-quilted so I can quilt his name there; so technically it isn't quite done but he's using it and if the name never gets done that's okay. (His brother has a similar quilt that has his name in the blue part.)
Ironically I conceived this project so that the bunk-beds would have similar quilts on them since they shared a room. They quit sharing about a month ago!
I've been too sick to post for a couple weeks so I need to add up the bits and pieces; mostly fat quarters that I've purchased lately.
bought; 1 yard for binding
3 yards of fat-quarters for the triangle madness.
year to date:
donated, same: 66 yards
used, changed! 41.75 yards
purchased, changed 81.75

Yikes, that purchased is getting too close to 100 yards to suit me. I'm not doing very well at stash-busting since my used is half what my purchases were. I have to keep telling myself that the garage sale where I bought most of that was truly a bargain AND I'm using what I bought in my triangle madness since it was mostly reproductions.

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