Thursday, July 9, 2009

red white and blue

This quilt was inspired by a photo in Country Living magazine.... about 100 years ago.... not really. But I finished it years ago and had been inspired years before it was finished. My daughter named it the 'picnic quilt'. I found the navy 'sheeting' at Hancocks during a sale; it was ridiculously low... 60 inches wide 100% cotton and I think it was $2.00 a yard! But then 100 years ago that was a LOT of money. I used the 'cut no squares' technique. The back was also one of those VERRY VERRY cheap fabrics purchased after the flag or Constitution bicentennial... It is simply quilted on my domestic sewing machine with diagonal lines.

There is a date on the label but I can't find the quilt! I made one trip upstairs looking and refuse to make another. If you want the date.... I'll edit this tomorrow after I find it and I sleep... today has been a very long day. FUN but long. (I promised a red, white , and blue quilt a day and I keep my promises.) Finished in 1994; started in 1993...this is one of my fast quilts!... I did gather the fabrics for at least a year before the '93 start date; when I found the navy on sale I already had all the reds I needed; then I started the cutting and sewing. I only had 4 children at that time so it went much faster... ;)
I went to visit Houston quilt shops and had lunch with a friend. Gwenda had the great idea for us to meet at the Houston Temple after the quilt shops closed. So I had to stop and buy a skirt. I bought 3! 'Ross dress for less' saved the day. The only one they had that went with my red t-shirt was very thin; so I bought a black skirt to use as a slip since it was only $10. Then I got a linen skirt for $14. It was also very thin but didn't go with the shirt I wore today. I was rushed for time so I'm trying to figure out where/when I could change... At the red light a block from the temple I pulled the skirts over my head and rolled up my capris and I was dressed!


ForestJane said...

The R,W&B quilt looks great!

And I too have done a quick-change act from my car... lol

Patty Cake said...

Why doesn't this look like a typical trip around the world? What is that method you mentioned? I really like this. Maybe 4th?