Sunday, January 9, 2011

stash report

With being in the hospital last week with Jeffrey and then trying to recover from Christmas when I got home I have done very little sewing.....
my first stash report for 2011
drum roll here.....

0 yards purchased
0 yards used
0 yards donated

It can only go up from here. Unfortunately the project I worked on yesterday needs me to BUY 1/2 yard of fabric to be able to finish....So I better finish something THIS week.

Judy has a list of fellow stash busters here.

Now if you are interested I have come up with several projects that I'd like to do this year;
  1. Liz's wedding quilt!I bought the fabric last year....
  2. A Chenille blanket or pillow. I had the idea to use rayon from thrift store dresses; and I've been storing the fabric but I can't remember if I got rid of it last year or not. Here's a link to one...
  3. Finish the border quilt I started last year with fabric in my stash; I signed up for a class that will facilitate me finishing it. With homework and a class every 2 weeks will get it done.
  4. Write an article and try to get it published; which will entail finishing a charity quilt since the ones that have been finished and donated did not have a good enough picture. :(
  5. Re-quilt one of my Christmas quilts, one that I quilted on my domestic machine years ago.
  6. Make myself a skirt, really a non quilt item. I have a gorgeous sweater, that I got at a thrift store that NEEDS a skirt to go with it. Our church is so cold that I need to wear a sweater every week and this one keeps me warm!
  7. I'm sure to do a few Charity quilts; we have the blocks for a green charity quilt and have plans for another one like this one, only with a purple center.
  8. Quilt, with trapunto, my String Star.
  9. A Wool quilt? I've been wanting to do one but I'm not sure this is the year for it.
That's enough to start...


Charlene S said...

A nice list of projects. I just want to remind you to take at least 15 minutes for you time each day b/c we don't want you to end up in hospital with Jeffery.

Patty Cake said...

I think I would like to make a Christmas string star ... someday, after I finish my already started quilt projects.