Friday, March 6, 2009

Thrift store RULE

This is what I have left from my trip to the Thrift store last Friday. I have imposed a NEW RULE for thrift store shopping… Don't go unless you have done something with a previous thrift store FIND. So I could really go since I mailed the wood model kits I found to Tyler and the picture dominoes to Tyson. But my big find was this gorgeous sweater;

Can you tell it is too big for me?

I thought I'd send it to my sister since she lives in COLD COUNTRY (Colorado mountains). But when I sent her this picture she didn't think she'd wear it. I thought;  okay, a wonderful pillow and threw it in the washer with some hot water and soap. When I pulled it out 40 minutes later I decided to NOT put it in the dryer until I tried it on. IT FITS! So I have a new jacket/sweater for next year. It got up to 85 yesterday so I won't be wearing it much this year. I paid the full price for the sweater; $5.00 usually I only look at their half price stuff, everything else was reduced to half price.

So I have fulfilled my quest and I COULD go to the thrift store again. BUT I have too Much to do.

THAT STACK on the chair is still talking to me. 

  • See the pale pink cable CASHMERE sweater? A pillow for my bed, to go with the pink/red/green quilt I'm working on. 
  • The 3 stripped shirts? To be cut up and sent to my sister who is working on a striped quilt. 
  • The plaids? One is wool and goes to my wool stash;
  •  the red plaid is for Brian's quilt and the 
  • blue/purple because it was unique and beautiful.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE PURPLE, too small for anyone I know, wool SWEATER?

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Kucki68 said...

A hot water bottle cover out of the purple sweater?