Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Liz's quilt

I expect Liz to do a happy dance. I actually got her wedding quilt cut out last night; all except the border. (The instructions say to set it aside until the center is done.) This is a big pile of cut fabric and it represents about 7 hours of work! Since the long arm and sewing machine is upstairs during homework time I need a project for downstairs..... cutting this out was last night's. (If you missed it, this is what I'm working on.)
Here I have 4 of the 'blocks' sewn. I changed the places of the diamonds since I didn't care for the first one. Can you guess which is the color plan I'm going to be sewing a gazillion times?
Unfortunately the pattern seems to be very unforgiving; I got 1/4 yard extra of each fabric; I have 1/4 yard left of the red, none of the blue and green and about 5 inches of the white. The pale background still should have 5 yards, set aside for the border. So the block I don't like will have to be picked out....yuk, picking out paper piecing is hard.

I'm doing pretty good on the list I posted yesterday! 5 of the 11 things DONE!

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Liz said...

love it. Can't wait to see the rest. Good luck. Really stressed right now.. yeah for crankiness all the way around you know except for good little Landon.