Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Review

So, I figured out a way to do it....DUH, Load the pictures in the right order, (approximately)...then write the text.
January I started 2 quilts. Triangle Madness became the project of the year. I worked on it until September.
I finished the second 'Spotty Dotty' baby quilt; for Lewis who was born in April, I actually mailed his quilt to him BEFORE he was born.....
This is the second quilt I started. I took a workshop and did most of this in class....We'll see if it gets finished in 2011.
February; I finished my miniature hearts for my sisters and mother..(one every other year until all 4 were done-I still have one for me to do and NOW by daughters think I should make one for them.)
I did a set of books for one of the Grandkids-I finished another set in December. Only 2 to go.
I re-quilted a quilt for my parents.
I made the best cookies ever..un-rugelach rugelach.
March: I visited a friend in the Hill country of Texas.Andrew was in the all-school play. (He is in it again this year...rehearsals start soon.)
We made our first visit to Corpus. Roger and Andrew visited the battleship while I visited some quilt shops.
Andrew turned 13 and I finished him a quilt that he sleeps under every night. He even makes his bed most days now.
May: Roger did an amazing job replacing the broken tile with sandstone around our pool. What a hard job that was.
June: I finished 2 eye-spy quilts in preparation for our trip in July.
June: My sister visited with 3 of her boys. We had a great time and the visit was over too soon.
Then we also had the job of replacing the dishwasher; we purchased several and tried to install them; unfortunately the hole was smaller than most dishwashers.
July: Jeffrey turned 15. Here he is opening his new music stand. Music stands don't last long around here, this is his third.
We met with my whole extended family and got a few good shots of all of the kids and grandkids.
I experimented with making lime ice-cream, so yummy. Jeffrey started band camp and had a spot in the marching show. Such a time drain...and a money drain....but he really loves doing it; I just can't figure out why.
September: I finished this quilt! The kids were back in school.
Lisa and I finished the years charity quilt efforts. Number 1:
Number 3 and 4 (looks like this; but this is last years.)
I made lots of name tags for quilt retreat and coordinated and attended the guild quilt retreat:
Number 5 Charity quilt. Lisa bound all the quilts this year and it was wonderful.
October: Andrew made some great cheese filled pull apart bread. I started my clutter busting.
Evidently we ate chocolate this month, I also found pictures of brownies.
I attend Quilt festival and then in NOVEMBER I played with one of the rulers I purchased:
Then I made these miniature pickled eggs for a baby shower.
I visited California with Jeffrey and got to hug on Lewis and Austin.
Then I started DECEMBER with a bang; deciding to do the 12 days of Christmas for my Mother kept me hopping. Here is one of the gifts that I forgot to mail!
Christmas came and went and then I got to spend a week in the hospital with Jeffrey. Here he is pushing his morphine pump around the floor getting a bit of exercise in. His surgery went very well and his chest now looks normal.
I had a fabulous Christmas with a visit from Reed and Angela and Tyler AND Jimmy. Here is one of the spots Angela helped me clean out. The bar, previously filled with rubbermaid boxes!
There will HAVE to be another post about the wiz my daughter-in-law is. If we ever move I volunteered to pay for her to come down for 2 weeks and help us pack. With her and our son's help we reclaimed (from junk) the sunroom for ping pong, emptied out the garage AND the attic storage area, did the pantry, another bookcase, the closet under the stairs, and helped me find another 2 shelves in the sewing room for fabric. They went home with their van FILLED. They got an end table, a bookcase, extra Christmas lights (enough to light up their whole neighborhood practically) , and our cradle (that later saved their son's life- read about that here.)

What an fun 2010 we had. I'm looking forward to 2011!

edited: I just remembered she also was instrumental in cleaning out the junk drawer (I'm the one who did it but I needed the push), the pots and pans cupboard, the baking dishes cupboard, the appliance graveyard AND the tupperware graveyard. After she left my 13 year old did the rag drawer on his own and one of the high cupboards, WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO.

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