Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Guild meeting

One good reason to be a member of a guild;
  • Christmas Quilts!
Honestly if there were no other reasons this one is enough, at least in our guild. The culmination of a year of work; 42 Christmas quilts! I made 3 12 inch Christmas blocks and my name went in the hat 3 times and I came home with a smallish square quilt top....42 members went home with a quilt top ranging from simple to complex. I have one picture. (My phone was dying so I had no flash, the other 6 pictures I took were so bad even I can't post them here).
I sat across from this quilt while I ate my pot luck meal and played Quilt-o (Bingo with quilting terms). I kept my fingers crossed during the drawing but it did no good, I did not get to bring home this quilt. :(

I won my first one the first year our guild did this, about 20 years ago. I posted it here and here..
2012 had ONLY 41 quilts, I blogged about my win here, here and here.
2010 I won another one, posted here and it's finish here.

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