Friday, January 4, 2008

quilts for december

It's time to put some Christmas away but wait I haven't blogged about my quilts yet. I believe this is a 'Little Quilt' pattern. I made one, then my Mother made one and then my little sister, who does not normally quilt made one. It is finished.
This is from an exchange that I organized, well from 2 exchanges, one I organized one a friend organized and I made 2 quilts. This small one and a large one I'll show later. This one is almost finished. The border isn't quilted. Road to Oklahoma.
Having my boys climb the tree and hold quilts works fine for small quilts but not for large ones. Sooo... they are on the roof here. This is a sampler that I won at quilt guild at least 15 years ago. I won it as a top and had Vivian long arm it then I quilted it in the ditch just around the sashing. It is finished.
This is the back of the sampler quilt. It has the same print but in black as the sashing that Luci Speers put on the top. It doesn't look square but it is.
I read a blog about January being the month to work on WISP (an acronym for Works in Slow Progress) I'm going to get the Road to Oklahoma finished next.

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Annie said...

You have some amazing quilts! I don't think I'd ever have the patience to piece one together. Thanks for posting such great work.