Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Christmas Churn Dash Finished!

Almost finished, I still need to do the label. I have been waiting since I finished it Saturday for 3 people and the light to be right...this is as good as it is going to get for the next little bit. Here it is;
 Can you even see the quilting? After waiting for the right light?
 The back is pieced....of course; that's the best kind!
 The nutcracker fabric is so busy that the quilting doesn't show (I knew that but wanted the snowflakes anyway.). It looks good on the back though!

Each churn dash is quilted differently. Each nutcracker block is q
uilted with a different snowflake...not true I didn't have enough different snowflakes but did use 6? different ones.
Then I did a different binding; faux piping, with no hand work, binding. I followed a tutorial here, but pressed the seam toward the piping to create more fullness in the piping (otherwise it looks more like a faux flange) thus created a few more difficulties.  Notice that it takes a wider piece of fabric for the piping part than the binding part. MAKE sure that you do not have a lengthwise binding seam in a mitered corner! It is too bulky and I broke a needle on my first corner but the other 3 were not as difficult. My back binding does not look as neat as it should but this is not a quilt for a contest.
 It turned out bright and pretty and looks great on my blue and white Irish chain quilt.(Which is on my bed.)


Brian -n- Laura said...

Just LOVELY! I love the snowflakes! I have done that piping binding tutorial on my last two quilts - I love it!

Marilyn said...

That's great !

Marilyn said...

That's great !!