Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Variable Star Quilt

One of my early quilts was an Amish star exchange. In 1988. I visited it over Thanksgiving at my son's house, it is one sorry looking quilt. I machine quilted it, I think all straight lines. My daughter in law sent me this picture

She is cutting into it today and will throw away the rotting bits. I tried to replace a block when just one was rotting, it was obvious that it would be very difficult so I gave up. It would be easier to make a new quilt than to repair all the bad spots. (Logically that should be my next project, right? Not happening.) I wonder what it will look like after it goes under the knife!
Here's an EQ rendering of it;
The owner, Reed, claims that his siblings would come to his room and lay on his bed with their shoes on and that's why it fell apart. I know that one of the other quilts made from this exchange started deteriorating rapidly also. At least one of the black fabrics had dry rot and just fell apart....don't know if that is contagious or not...do you?

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Angela S said...

Yeah the blocks that survived the cut were almost exclusively the dark blue ones...