Friday, February 19, 2010


This is a list of what I've worked on this week....
  1. Put border on 'Pink Sampler Christmas' Quilt...put aside last April because the border didn't go on right. I had to hunt for the border that I'd cut too short, sewn on and ripped off, then add more fabric and sew it on. Easy? Not when the quilt is 109 X 109 and the pins were downstairs; so I had to do it without pins.
  2. Cut and sewn approximately 300 half square triangle units, (HAD to buy some red and white stripe for it since I had NONE) and made one block of the 'Triangle Madness' Quilt.
  3. Pulled out a Christmas Log Cabin that was unfinished and made some triangles in class Monday to use for the border.
  4. Ironed all the smaller than 5 yard pieces of fabric for Liz's quilt.
  5. Embroidered and attached a label for a quilt I finished January 2009.
  6. Contemplated, researched southwest designs and began designing quilting for 'Two Gray Hills' quilt.
  7. Resumed work on Dresden Plate for customer.
  8. Sorted Brian's funeral quilt and continued sewing on it as starters and enders.
  9. Loaded customer quilt but didn't quilt it yet.
  10. Purchased fabric for Austin's little brother's quilt's border; and sewed it on.
  11. Attended 2 guild meetings; got some neat ideas to use scraps up; some call them 'mile a minute' blocks others call them crumb quilts. The speaker called them SSS quilts; for slice, sew, slice. Lynn, look at the last quilt on the slide show, that's the only one from the program (the rest were show and tell) and is the one I was talking to you about.
  12. Received I-spy blocks back and spent hours sorting them into 5 separate piles. Made a few more so I can put Melissa's up on the design wall Monday.
  13. Made a marble bag! for Andrew...not counting it in the totals.
  14. Finished 1 bag for shopping. Cool bag; more to come.
Like I said a little scatterbrained; one of these days I'll finish one of my quilts.

Purchased this week:
  • 1/2 yard for baby border
  • 1.25 yards for Triangle Madness
Used this week:
  • more than 1/4 yard...less than 1/2 yard for bag... I'm calling it 1/2 yard.
Year to date:
  • donated; same--66 yards
  • used; 15.75
  • purchased; 67 + 1.75= 68.75
If you're interest in other's stash busting efforts go visit Judy's she is really busting!

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Mel said...

I love how this one turned out! It is super cute!