Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stash Report--OPAM

This is the Christmas Sampler I finished in January; just so I could list it as a finished OPAM (One project a month)- jk (just kidding). I did the math and it took 15 yards of fabric to make this 84 X 104 quilt. Since it was an exchange I just figured out how much fabric it took for the 48 star blocks that I made and exchanged a looong time ago in Baytown. This exchange was organized by Jan Beaman who owned the local quilt shop, the Rocking Chair, in about 1994. If anyone in blog land recognizes their block let me know: I did not get a list of participants and I'd really like to know who participated. The Santa was contributed by Sherry Hughes; but the rest I'm clueless about. I started quilting it on my domestic and finished on the long-arm.
The Little House quilt was also an exchange; about April 1995. I put together 2 small quilts with the houses. The pastel houses were finished a long time ago and quilted on my domestic machine. This one was started on the domestic and finished in January 2009!

In; 0 yards
out 17 yards

year to date:
In; 3 yards
Out: 26.8 yards

net -23.8 yards

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Mel said...

Wow mom. That Christmas Quilt is beautiful, I remember some of those blocks, nice to see the finished project.