Monday, January 11, 2010

Design wall

Actually this is a 'design bed' My goal is 18 blocks a day...Yesterday I actually laid my head down on the ironing board and took a 10 minute nap, a first for me. This is just so boring. Notice the 'Lance Armstrong' in a yellow jersey at the 'Tour de France'. I have 154 made..but there are duplicates; this is just to give me the energy to keep plugging along.

I realized that this exchange would be 'better' if we just exchanged the 5.5 inch squares; then we could do our own sewing...I haven't figured out an easy way to do those triangles and I would rather sew all my own....oh, well hindsight is 20/20.

Then this is on the long arm. (A gift for my parents in 1989.)


Kare said...

Oh my, how many blocks are you exchanging? I love the fabrics you have chosen, especially the chocolate chip cookies!

Quilter Kathy said... must have been tired to sleep on the ironing board! It looks like a fun project to sew, but mindless, I guess, eh?

Ivani said...

Great fabrics.
You are almost half way to 396 blocks...oh my Gosh! Go Laurie go!!! When the baby quilts are ready it will be worthwhile.
The quilt in the long arm seems to be amazing.
Hugs - Ivani in Brazil

Karen said...

I have never seen the chocolate chip cookie fabric. Makes me hungry!