Monday, January 25, 2010

Design wall

If you were here last week you would have seen this quilt smaller. This week I used it for my starters and enders (here is a book starring Leaders and Enders that I have not seen) AND I counted the house shapes (187) so I could figure out how many 4 patches to do... a lot (225). I've got my numbers and I've been cutting and have all the lights done; I've a ways to go on the darks and the reds.

Wouldn't this be easier in EQ? (Mom Electric Quilt is a computer program to design quilts.)
Although my son, Brian, had 'red' hair it was really closer to orange/rust. In 1981 I made 3 Raggedy Ann/Andy dollsfor my children. I remember working on the red hair in the waiting room at the Dr. while I was pregnant with Brian. He was born in April 1982. The hair took a very long time for me to sew in and I did his last. As a young toddler I took him to the store to match his hair to the yarn for his Raggedy Andy doll. You can see the siblings' in this basket and see that his hair was closer to orange. Would it have made sense to match the other's hair to their yarn too? I wish I had.
As dolls went these were not played with much although Jeffrey started carrying Brian's around when he was small. It was lost once; we had moved and someone found him in the church nursery in Virginia and sent him to us in Texas. Now I have a 'collection' of Ann/Andy dolls. There are 3 garage sale ones around too.
Any how the reason for this story is that I've decided to include orange in the chain of red going through this quilt.


Denise :) said...

Do you use EQ? I've been wondering about it. I use whatever I have on hand ... Publisher or autocad (FabCad). Or a sketchbook! I'm thinking about taking the software plunge, though! For what it's worth, I like your paper sketch. :)

Quilter Kathy said...

That was a fun post to read, and a beautiful quilt on your design wall!