Monday, February 22, 2010

Design wall

I worked diligently last week on triangles. Lots and lots of triangles. I figured this quilt needed approximately 897 triangles; 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch triangle units. Hours after putting it on the design wall I found a mistake.

I think the border is too light; but I won't remove it until there are several more blocks done. Fridays the local quilt shop has an open classroom for people to sit and sew. Cutting the triangles is an easy thing to do with company to talk too; this week I will get some more fabric ready so I can get more triangles to cut during this 'bee'.

I also NEED to find time to sew the I-spy together; but it needs to stay on the wall for awhile so I can rearrange the blocks.

We need to come up with games to play with I-spy.

It could certainly be a counting game; How many ducks can you find?

How many frogs?

which animals would you find in the zoo?

or Africa? or a farm?

Which things relate to the beach?




I put in things that relate to Grandma- the sewing machine; great-grandma-the butterflies; great granddad-the plane; Mom-the cello; Dad-the bikes.; Granddad-the birds.

It would be nice to have a Dr. fabric...and a canoe. What about .......


Mel said...

ooo nice I spy, it looks like a fun quilt. I think Austin will be playing those games long before baby #2. I love the triangles block! it is a beauty.

MandMStudio said...

I LOVE your banner, beautiful quilt:)