Sunday, February 8, 2009

stash report

Here are both of Austin's quilts. The first is presently hanging on his wall. The second is the one I just finished; it's 36 X 41. I can only estimate how much fabric it used; 4.25 yards. You can see that the binding isn't quite finished in the photo but the light was right so we took the photo so the quilting would show up. The binding is finished and the quilt has been washed but the light hasn't been right for another photo. I've blogged about this Austin quilt and the first version here, here, here, here, and here. I really think I've gotten all the mileage I can get out of 2 small quilts.

Stash report:
in; 1 block kit for a 12" block not very much fabric...say 1/4 yard?
out; 4.25 yards

year to date:
In; 3.25
Out: 31.05

net -27.8

p.s. I found the Reisen they had just moved it over.


swooze said...

Love the quilts!

Anonymous said...

What great quilts. He has to be thrilled!