Sunday, November 2, 2008

stash buster report

another title could be;
log cabin 2 for austin

Judy over at Patchwork Times has been hosting a stashbusting report once a week all year; I'm just now joining since I figured out a way to figure out my yards used. I'm weighing them and having my 11 year old use his math skills to figure out how many yards I used. 
I weighed a 2.25 yard piece of fabric (I should weigh several pieces and get an average but we used only one piece) and got 9.5 oz. which works out to 4.22222... ozs per yard. Then Andrew weighed the blocks I made (more than pictured) and they weighed 5 ozs. So it works out to 1.19 yards of fabric used this week. Unfortuantely I purchased 4 fat quarters of red fabric with figures to use in some of those red blocks (actually not unfortuantely since the red blocks needed some pictures for the baby to look at instead of just tone on tones or flowers). I also purchased a back for an Irish chain I'm planning to long arm early in my long arm career; 3 yards of very wide fabric.
You may notice that this looks an awful lot like the quilt posted here. My dd is keeping the first quilt on the wall (it looks great there); since it is backed with minky I decided to make another quilt for the nursery wall. Hopefully then the minky one will come down and get cuddled by Austin. I really thought I was making the blocks just like the first; can you see the difference? I like the new version better. Tomorrow I'll post the other layout I came up with. 

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Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh no--a MATH person! (I hate math) Your not a closet math teacher are you?? Good luck on the stash busting reports, it's a good way to keep track of where all that fabric comes from!