Wednesday, June 4, 2008

austin paul

I finished Austin Paul's log cabin quilt today. I'll do the label after he is born so I can put his birth date on it. Now I can finally send Melissa her package, so she'll have something to wrap that baby in to bring home from the hospital. I may get a another picture of it after it is washed tonight.

edited: I just learned that our camera has a manual focus setting; but no real way to manually focus it and it had been set on that for my last several photo shoots; so that is why everything is slightly blurry and since the quilt is on it's way I can't retake the photos. I now have the camera locked onto auto-focus.
edited  to add a better picture.


Mel said...

pretty! i like it!

Mel said...

Can I have the little snorkeler too?

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

love the quilt--what a clever way of incorporating the letters of his name in it.