Monday, November 17, 2008


I had to post again, sorry.
 I had to resew some of this quilt. I picked out a couple of pieces so I could add the CELLO  fabric I found today! (My daughter, mother of Austin, plays the cello.) 
Went to the quilt shop and saw that they had there 25 fat quarters for 25 dollars (with coupon) and told myself I wasn't even going to look. I talked to my friend there and thought it wouldn't hurt to look at red conversation prints since I'm finished with the quilt that needed them...I looked, I saw this; I bought it. Then I had to pick out...oh I already said that. So can you pick out the new fabric in the quilt? (that's a joke.)

All morning I was beating myself up saying, 'I am a sick, sick woman.' (because of all the fabric-most people throw away the bits I'm determined to use up.) I don't think I'll ever get my fabric organized and if I do I may just declare the wall ART and never take any of it out and I will certainly NEVER buy another piece of fabric....

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Leavitt's said...

Keep buying fabric...your shelves look like a fabric store already why not keep adding to it...BTW we love the art smocks. I'll have to send a picture with them